Residential Pool Maintenance

Need some help with backyard pool chemistry?

Residential Pool Maintenance

Need some help with backyard pool chemistry?

Residential Pool Maintenance

We can come to your home for a quick pool health check, water test and balance on a one-off or regular basis. After every service, you’ll receive a comprehensive report to keep you informed on your pool’s water health.

Our one-time and regular pool checks & cleans include the following services:

  • Brushing waterline tiles and steps
  • Surface scooping and removal of debris from surrounding pool area
  • Cleaning skimmers and pump baskets
  • Inspect functionality of plant and sanitisation system
  • Backwash and rinse pool filter
  • Clean chlorinator cell if required
  • Comprehensive water test and chemical balance
  • Professional in-ground pool vacuuming
  • Comprehensive pool chemical report
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Flexible service scheduling

Looking for a more flexible pool service plan? Or taking off for a short or long break? We’ve got you covered! From scheduling our visits to choosing specific services, our range of pool servicing options can be customised to better fit your needs by chatting with our team.

Enquire About Our Pool Maintenance Packages

We are available 6 days a week by request to assist in all your pool needs.
Servicing North Brisbane (Caboolture to Rochedale) and Moreton Bay ( including Sunshine Coast ).

Our pool maintenance options include:

  • Check swimming pool water quality
  • Water test analysis report
  • Manual vacuum
  • Check swimming pool equipment, pump, filter and chlorinator
  • Clean and/or empty filter, pump & skimmer baskets
  • Brush/Scoop swimming pool surface – as required
  • Check and clean cell – when necessary
  • Check and visual inspection only on CPR Sign and Pool Gate
  • Pool Chemicals – extra cost as per water test results analysis

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