How to Lower Water Level in Swimming Pools fitted with Media Filter Units

How to Lower Water Level in Swimming Pools fitted with Media Filter Units

Lowering Water Levels in Swimming Pools if you have a Media Filter Unit

After the rain has subsided, you may need to drain the excess water from the pool to allow for proper skimming of the pool surface.

If your filter has a multiport valve, lower your pool water level to prevent overflowing by following these steps:

  1. Turn off the pump.
  2. Change the filter multiport valve handle from “FILTER” onto “WASTE” (not “BACKWASH”) by rotating the multiport valve handle – on top or on the side – in a clockwise direction to the “WASTE” position.
  3. Open any two or three way valves that may be connected on the waste line. If waste line is not connected to drainage, roll layflat backwash hose out into the yard or an approved draining area.
  4. Disconnect suction cleaner & remove vacuum plate from skimmer box – this is for maximum water flow.
  5. Turn the pump back on to lower the water level.
  6. Wait until the water level is a quarter the way down the skimmer box opening from the top of the coping. When the water level is at the correct level, turn the pump off.
  7. Return the multiport valve handle to the “FILTER” position.
  8. Reconnect the vacuum plate and suction cleaner, and pick the layflat backwash hose up. This helps drain all the water out. Roll the layflat hose back up (if required).
  9. Turn the pump back on (or set time to Auto Setting Mode).


* if you have a large amount of dirt in the water and the pool requires flocking, DO NOT lower your water level. You will need the excess water to vacuum the waste.