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Swimming Pool Cleaning Hints and Tips

While You Are Away

Do not forget about your pool if you are planning a vacation during the year.  Pools require maintenance whether anyone been swimming in it or not.

So put on your list of things to do before heading off on your vacation is scheduled pool maintenance with your pool technician.

Pools require a daily regimen of being tested for chemicals balances, being swept for settling debris, and having a net used to get larger articles that are floating on top.  If you are away, there is no possible way to do all these things, but there are some treatments and tactics you can use to keep your pool water from turning green while you are gone.

Before you leave test the pool chemicals levels.  Set chemical levels rather high before leaving and they will lower over a few days.  Be sure to ask your pool technician the pool the day of or the day before your departure.  It is a good idea to purchase a pool cover, if you do not have one already.  This will prevent the gathering of bugs and leaves on the water surface.

Have your pool technician with a schedule maintenance routine.  So while you are gone the pool can be net, test, vacuum and chemical treated.  You may prefer to leave a list of instructions stating exactly the amount of chemicals to be used and on which days.  No one wants to come home to a green pool or a hole in their pool liner.

If you do not have someone that can help with the pool while your are away make sure the pool is well-vacuumed, and add a cover to the pool. Turn off the skimmer since pool scan lose a couple of inches of water during the duration of your trip.  If the skimmer is left on, air can be sucked into the pump, causing it to shut down permanently.  You definitely do not want to come home from vacation only to find you need to buy new pool equipment.


Top Ten Pool Tips

Top 10 Summer Pool Tips


  • Make sure your pool enclosure has a secure fence in good repair and the gate self-closes when opened.
  • Enrol your children in swimming and water safety classes with a registered swim school.
  • Contact your pool technician as they can give you expert advice to help you maintain a sparkling pool.
  • Don’t have a saltwater pool?  Switch to healthy saltwater, just ask your pool technician today.
  • Switch from using liquid chlorine, It’s easy to use, safe to handle and store, and much more effective, ask your pool technician today.
  • Ensure your pool water is healthy and safe by ensuring it is chemically  balanced.
10 Tips for winter pool care

With cooler weather comes a number of errands and among them you will need to make sure your pool is protected and prepared for the winter months ahead.

Step One

Trim your trees.  The leaves alone are enough to cause serious damage to your pool by clogging up the filters.

Step Two

Check chemical levels in pool water and pool equipment to make sure your pool stays algae free and adjust the pH accordingly.

Step Three

Will you use the pool this winter.  If you are not going outdoors this winter you may not need the pool heater on.

Step Four

Clean the pool.  Take the time to brush and vacuum as necessary.

Step Five

Check pool chemicals once per week.

Step Six

It is time to take care of the pool equipment.  Disconnect and cleaning out pool baskets, skimmer baskets and pool filters.

Step Seven

If you have ladders, ropes or anything else that floates freely in the pool, remove these items and make sure they are cleaned and stored away when not in use.

Step Eight

Pool chairs, tables, awning, flotation devices need to be cleaned and store away in a separate shed, garage or pool house away from the pool area when not in use.

Step Nine

A Pool Cover over the pool will help protect your pool during winter, when it is not in use.

Looking after your pool is worth the effort to protect your investment and start the summer right when winter is over with a sparkling clean pool.

Step Ten

The final touch a pool cover.  Roll this over the pool and secure it safety to make sure it stays and protects your pool.

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12 common swimming pool maintenance tips

Swimming Pool maintenance should not be difficult, but knowing how to properly maintain your pool will make it last longer and be a safer place for the whole family fun.

  1. Check pool chemistry often.  Recommended twice a week in the summer and once per week during the winter times.
  2. Maintain pH level in check will allow you to use the full potential the chlorine that is already in the pool water.
  3. Keep alkalinity in check for water balance and ultimately a sanitiser ability to perform
  4. Check TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) or calcium hardness on a regular basis.
  5. Clean pool equipment salt cells as corroded or calcified cells will produce little chlorine
  6. Backwashing only when necessary.
  7. Cleaning the skimmer basket and hair and lint pot in the pool pump often.  Keep free from debris to limit poor circulation of pool water.
  8. Add chemicals at sunset to get more out of them.
  9. Brush walls and tiles often to help eliminate algae problems.
  10. Check water level.
  11. Running pool equipment is the key to a low maintenance swimming pool, it is all about the flow of water and having a decent circulation of pool water.
  12. Replace broken or missing covers or drains as this can be a potential dangerous hazard.
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algae in pool water

Most pool owners come across asking this question, what to do when their is algae in the pool.

Algae in the pool is one of the biggest botheration which can cost money and time.

An important fact to take note of is that algae, itself, is not a disease nor does it pose any threat, BUT algae uses sunlight and carbon dioxide to produce food, which provides the breeding ground for unwanted or harmful bacteria.  Apart from increasing the risk of illnesses, algae growth when left untreated, makes the pool cloudy or green, resulting in foul odour and taste.

FACT – there is over 20,000 species of algae and their most common types, that cause swimming pool problems are green algae, yellow algae, black algae and pink algae.

Green algae is the most common and easier to deal with algae in your pool.  You can see this algae floating in the water and sometimes clinging to the walls.  This type of algae imparts a green colour to the pool water and affects its clarity.  Green algae’s presence can be spotted usually after a rainstorm with lighting.  This is because lighting produces nitrogen which is fed upon by the algae, AKA Green Algae.

Yellow or Mustard Algae in generally is spotted on the shady side of the swimming pool.  It is relatively difficult to be dealt with and even more difficult to be eradicated permanently.  There is always a chance for the infestation to reoccur.  Speak to our pool technician Paul for more advise on this situation.

Black Algae, as the name suggests, appears as dark black or blue/green spots.  The sides and bottom of the pool are the usual breeding areas for these single cell organisms.  Their strong roots and waxy coating over themselves, makes them the most aggravated of algae stains.  The stain caused by the back algae in swimming pool are extremely stubborn, due to their chemicals-resistant protective layers.

Last, Pink Algae infestation in swimming pools is rare and there is a formation of slimy pink or clear layers over various surfaces of the pool.  It is not a algae, as such, BUT a form of bacteria which can turn the water cloudy if left untreated for a long time.

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did you know

Swimming pools have to be kept very clean in order to enjoy and use them.  The use of swimming pools are common nowadays, as many people build one at their home.  But it is very important to maintain them properly to get the most out of them.  If you use an unclean swimming pool which is not maintained in a correct manner, it can cause some symptoms such as itching.  You can choose from many liquid and powdered swimming pool cleaners to various swimming pool cleaning equipment’s, to clean your swimming pool.  There are some instructins that you need to follow for keeping a swimming pool clean, such as

  • Surface Skimming
  • Tile Cleaning
  • Maintaining the Skimmer and Pump Strainer Basket
  • Pool Vacuuming
  • Pool Brushing
  • Keeping the pool deck clean

Please contact your pool maintenance guy Paul on 0418 712 909 to discuss your individual pool needs.

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keeping the pool deck clean

Keeping the pool deck area around the swimming pool should be washed to prevent dirt from entering the pool water.  Sporadically, the coping needs to be washed sufficiently using a hard brush.  If the deck is of concrete or stone, small amount of chlorine solution should be used to kill harmful bacteria and preclude infections.  For chlorine solution mixture consult Paul on 0418 712 909.

Washing a swimming pool and keeping it clean is a manageable task, or inquire to Paul about being part of a maintenance schedule during routine pool service.

This can be better achieved by various swimming pool cleaning equipment which are easily available through Paul, just call for the right tool for in and around your pool today on 0418 712 909.

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