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About Us

Paul’s Pool Care has over 20 years experience and knowledge of pool maintenance in Brisbane and the Moreton Bay Region.
Our client base extends without limitation from residential pools, to commercial and public pools.

Pauls Pool Care is a Brisbane based family owned business operating to service commercial and residential swimming pool with cleaning, repairs and general maintenance specialist.  Our family based business also provides pool maintenance services to customers all over Brisbane.

Paul’s Pool Care specialises in Brisbane swimming pool maintenance, pool cleaning, pool pumps and pool equipment supplies. We also provide pool cleaners, chlorinators and do pool repairs. We service Brisbane, Brisbane North and Sunshine Coast Region.

With an extensive cliental base expanding over the Brisbane region that use our service on a weekly, fortnight, monthly, or school holiday basis. Our services are flexible to choose when you require your pool maintenance and it can be easily monitored, with your pool needs. We also provide security of our school holiday program you can go away and not worry about your pool or home.

We do maintenance for any sort of pools from family swimming pool, spa pool, above ground pool or inground pool, public swimming pools, commercials and alike.

We can also replace faulty, damaged or broken down equipment with new units which we always keep in stock. We also do conversions from chlorine to salt water pools.

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